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1966 Apollo Lunar Landing Symposium

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Symposium Summary

A three-day meeting that took place in Houston the weekend of June 25-27, 1966. This was the Apollo Lunar Landing Mission Symposium. Hosted by the Manned Spaceflight group, it was an opportunity for the planners of the Apollo flights to perform a show-and-tell for members of the government, academic and industry Apollo team.

A summary of this symposium is available in the following PDF.

The symposium consisted of Opening Remarks by Bob Gilruth, Sam Phillips and Joe Shea, Closing Remarks by Joe Shea and 18 papers. There are a total of 618 visuals accompanying the summaries of the talks. There is also a summary of the Q&A sessions held after every talk.

Here is a list of the speakers:

The organizer of this symposium was Owen Maynard.

In 1992 Paul Fjeld and I met Owen at his home in Waterloo, Ontario - just an hour outside of Toronto - and got to know him quite well before his death in 2000.

Owen lent me an audio recording of the entire symposium – reel-to-reel tapes - 18.8 hours worth.

The quality of the recordings is excellent.

There wasn’t enough time for all the presentations – the last three were not presented but the summaries were included in the symposium compilation.

The Symposium

Opening Remarks

Symposium Presentations

  1. General Mission Summary presented by Owen Maynard
  2. Apollo Navigation Guidance and Control presented by Dr. Robert C. Duncan
  3. Detailed Mission Planning Considerations presented by M.P. Frank III
  4. Apollo Lunar Module Landing Strategy presented by Donald C. Cheatham
  5. Apollo Lunar Surface Science Program presented by Robert E. Vale
  6. Detailed Mission Planning Considerations and Constraints presented by Morris V. Jenkins
  7. TEI Through Reentry presented by M.P. Frank III
  8. Earth Return Abort presented by Ronald L. Berry
  9. Software Compatibility presented by Morris V. Jenkins


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