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Documenting Wear and Tear

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Last revised 10 June 2009.

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Note from Ulli, 10 June 2009.

I'm just wondering if we should  not emphasize the fact that although thousands of Hasselblad pictures were taken only few shots show some details of the EMUs. All of these pics were tourist shots or taken accidentally during the pan shots or during documenting the samples.
I cannot recall one close up picture that was especially taken to show details of the EMU for documenting things like dust contamination, damage or malfunction (e.g. damage of the OPS antenna, malfunction of Mitchell's right EV glove, abrasion of the outer layer of the suit or damage of the Chromel R fabric, scratched sun visors etc)
Is there a  closeup picture of the ALSEP cable that Young damage by accident? I guess no.
I think one important lesson for future mission to the moon or Mars is that the EMUs should be documented with closeup pictures at least after each EVA.


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